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The Why

People often ask me – why did you call your business For Us and Earth? The answer is simple. The earth is where we live and provides us with everything we need to survive; and if we pollute our planet, make our food, air, water and our houses unsafe, and destroy our natural environment, (plants and animals), we make it sick, and in doing so we unwittingly make ourselves sick too. For Us and Earth is about acknowledging this interconnection, the need for balance – it’s about learning how to make healthier choices which reduce the risk of harm to ourselves from toxic chemicals, and the planet we call home. When we expose ourselves to contaminants, even unknowingly, those chemicals make their way back into our environment, and then back to us again. Equally, by reducing our exposure to toxics (where we can control it), through our everyday choices and actions, the positive impact goes beyond just our own health – it contributes to the health of our planet, by reducing the demand for, and production of, hazardous chemicals. 🙂

For all those visual people out there (I see you!) – the diagram below sums up For Us and Earth’s rationale – why we must care for both ourselves and the Earth.

For Us and Earth rationale: Why we must care for both ourselves and the Earth.
Adapted from The Toxic Chemical Cycle; Lourie & Smith (2013) Toxin Toxout book.

There is a strong circular connection between waste, toxic chemicals, Us and Earth. The waste we create from the products we choose to use goes into our rubbish/garbage (to landfill) or down the drain (to water treatment plants). Personal care products for example are rinsed off in the sink, or down the drain in showers and baths, or are thrown out. 

The countless chemicals they contain that can’t be removed in wastewater treatment plants can end up in biosolids (treated sewage sludge) and effluents (liquid which remains on top). These toxics end up back in the environment. Similarly, toxics from products that end up in landfill can leach into our soil, groundwater, and waterways.

As David Suzuki saysUnderstanding that we’re part of nature and acting on that understanding makes us healthier and happier, and encourages us to care for the natural systems around us.” 

And there’s many scientific studies to back this up – nature benefits our health and happiness too – physically, mentally, and emotionally!

5 Easy Ways to Lower the Toxics
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