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Being informed about our choices is a key element of health and healing.

After recovering from breast cancer a few years ago, I now believe that everyone has the right to know what’s in the everyday products that they purchase both for themselves, and for those they care about, especially as many of these ingredients have links with cancer.


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What People are Saying

Kind words from people I’ve worked with

Carolyn initially approached me with the idea for an information session and together we worked through the possibilities and shaped it into a very successful info session for women using our service. I really enjoyed collaborating with Carolyn, she’s very flexible and easy to work with. She is full of practical knowledge and enthusiasm for this issue and presented in an upbeat and confident manner. I also appreciated her sensitivity to delivering the information, which might be perceived as overwhelming and scary, in a positive and empowering way. The content was pitched perfectly to the needs of our service users and Carolyn was very generous with sharing resources with them. Feedback from participants was that the session was very useful and has equipped them with practical steps to start taking action to reduce their toxic load. I can certainly recommend this presentation as valuable for anyone with a concern about the chemicals present in everyday products.
Wendy Pullan
Programs Coordinator
Counterpart - Women supporting women with cancer

Thank you for your presentation. It was very informative and I enjoyed listening to it. I found your reassurance was comforting and the advice both practical and helpful. I felt no pressure to change anything but felt you would support me if I chose to make changes. The 80/20 rule is a very helpful guide. Great advice with lots of safer brand options given. Thank you once again for opening my eyes to all those horrible hidden things out there.
Thank you Carolyn for your Reducing Exposure to Toxins presentation. It was so informative and everyone should be aware of what they are using. I am already implementing changes to move toward a healthier household and family.
Our world is awash in chemicals. Some safe, some not. We place our trust in the hands of manufacturers and regulators to ensure that we are awash in chemicals that are safe. We hope they have our best interests at heart. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. We can mitigate against the instances where the lining of pockets are prioritised over the health and safety of the general population by minimising contact with potential hazards as much as possible. Information and education is key to how we can better protect ourselves. Carolyn highlights some of the more hazardous culprits and walks you through how to identify problematic products. She also demonstrates how we can all err on the side of caution by using safe alternatives for products in our homes and bodies. I greatly appreciated her advice and reminder to be more cautious from hereon.

5 Easy Ways to Lower the Toxics
in your Life and Home

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